Voodoo Divers

Bella Vista Resort, Hurghada, Egypt

  • Opening Year:2009
  • Services:Dive Club
  • Type:Independent
  • Hotel on site:Bella Vista Resort
  • Location:Onshore
  • Diving Association:PADI
  • Association Rank:PADI Fivestar Instructor

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Venture to the beach at the Bella Vista Resort in Sakalla for "scuba diving with the Dutch touch." Located within a short distance of two wrecks, one residing at the end of the hotel's jetty, this is a good dive centre for Dutch, German, and English speakers who want to become masters at navigating their way around a sunken ship.

Instructor Willy, who has called Hurghada home for over four years, loves teaching the wreck diving course and will delight at testing your line-setting skills in the shallow Bellina wreck, where a burnt-out inside makes for excellent practice in finding your way around in dark silt.

There can be black silt here but no black magic. Voodoo is only the name given to the dive centre by its previous owners, a name which thankfully bears no mystical significance. Instead of black, the predominant colour here is yellow.

In their bright t-shirts, meet the Voodoo crew. Among them are three slim, blue-eyed Dutch instructors with crew-cuts, an Egyptian assistant manager, and a female Dutch instructor with a little longer blond hair. They drink their Senseo coffee out of blue-and-white mugs decorated with clogs and windmills, and achingly long for the products of home, including coffee bags, peanut butter, and liquorice.

If you learn to dive here, one of these instructors will talk you through dive theory in an air-conditioned classroom beside the dive centre. Then you will walk down a few steps onto the sand and into the shallow bay for your first breaths underwater. There is also the option of the busy swimming pool for those who would rather dive without fish. For your first open water dives on the third morning of your course, step onto the Red Sea Star. From this boat, alongside divers of all levels and snorkelers, you will begin to explore the wonders of the Red Sea.

If you are a more advanced diver, you will experience what dive centre manager Peter calls "the great variety of Hurghada" underwater. Drop-offs, shallow reefs, drift diving? Hurghada will provide all of this with the aid of the same white-and-mint-coloured boat. And if you can generate enough interest among fellow divers, special trips can be organised to the Thistlegorm, the Salem Express, and to the four wrecks of Abu Nuhas.

In between dive sites, either help yourself to an on-board buffet or bring your own lunch. When you return after your day's diving, the Voodoo Divers team will carry your gear from the hotel jetty up to the rinsing pool beside the dive centre. If you want, they will help you rinse it before hanging it up to dry on a rack of wheels under a tree. Everything will then be locked up in the equipment room overnight.

In the evening, you can sit outside the dive centre on basket chairs around a low coffee table filled with glasses of water and cold Stellas, ordering your drinks and snacks from the hotel bar a few metres away. On your last day, enjoy a drink here or join the dive team for a drink at the Bombay, a local bar popular with dive staff all around town.

Be forewarned: if you really enjoy Voodoo Divers, you will be "cursed" to return next year and receive a discount.

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Dive Centre
  • Reception
  • Dedicated classroom
  • Recreational area
  • Toilets
  • Showers
  • Rinsing pool
  • Pool
  • Free

Diving service

Diving Association
  • PADI
Association Rank
  • PADI Five Star Instructor Development centre (IDC)
Technical Association
Course Level
  • Recreational
  • Professional


  • Recreational diving equipment
  • Underwater camera
Tank sizes
  • 10 liters
  • 12 liters
  • 15 liters
Tank material
  • Aluminium
Tank valve
  • DIN
  • Valve adaptors available
  • Payable
Technical gas
  • No
  • Coltri
  • Basic


  • Boat chartered
  • Boat
  • Large
Mooring spot
  • Private
  • Toilets
  • Shower
  • Sundeck
  • Covered area
  • Excluded

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